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Video: Lessons from Cleveland’s Great Cycle Track Experiment

6 June 2012 No Comment

For a second, there was a it looked like cycling in Cleveland had arrived. A little corner of downtown has been turned into Portland, with a green, two-way cycle track — the first space ever downtown just for those on two wheels.

And then, just like cheap campaign buzz, it was over. But that’s the way it was planned — Cleveland’s one-week, pop-up cycle track. So what did we learn from the experience? Here is the video evidence:

Pop Up Rockwell from KSU CUDC on Vimeo.

I have word from some authorities on the topic that many surrounding businesses liked the bike lane and would like to see it reinstalled. Let’s hope they get their way!

In the meantime, Cleveland is getting kudos for this imaginative, consensus-building project around the country.


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