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[26 Jul 2013 | One Comment | ]

I wrote a story this week at Streetsblog attributing Detroit’s bankruptcy to sprawl. Someone left this comment that I thought was really brilliant. It’s about no-growth sprawl, like we see in Detroit and Cleveland and Youngstown and Buffalo–really any rust belt metro.
Check it out:
I call this type of sprawl, in which the wealthiest keep moving further out in search of something newer and better, the “clean plate” theory of urban development, after this exchange in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: “‘I want a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter: …

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Now that ANOTHER serial killer has been apprehended in Cleveland–well, actually, East Cleveland–the city is laser-focused on what’s most important about this story: whether women feel safe in the city’s poorest neighborhoods the city’s image!
Will the fact that poor women are being preyed on and murdered/imprisoned/raped by calculating lunatics hurt tourism? Channel 5 investigates!
My friend Christine had this to say about the story:
Night or day… it doesn’t matter. In the late ’90s/early 2000s I used to wait for the bus in the same area that Ariel Castro was …

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The stated purpose, by project proponents, for Cleveland’s “Opportunity Corridor,” a $350 million highway project, is to spur development on 1,000 underused acres.
That amounts a development subsidy of $350,000 per acre. Is that a good deal for taxpayers? $350k per acre. I’m skeptical, seeing as how the current value of the land could not be any higher than $100k per acre.
The city of Cleveland’s attitude though is, “it’s not our money.” So I guess the fact that it’s your money and my money and not the …

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Here’s a handy guide to not putting your foot in your mouth when discussing Cleveland’s “Opportunity Corridor,” a $350 million highway-development scheme that will displace 90 families on the Southeast side. Don’t, under any circumstances, say the following things:
1. “The Forgotten Triangle” …
Can we just stop using this patronizing, culturally biased term? Pretty please? As my friend Akshai pointed out, who exactly “forgot” about these neighborhoods people live in? Was it the people that live in them? Did they forget they live there?
This bs term is being used to make …

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[23 May 2013 | One Comment | ]

Cleveland is planning to spend $350 million on a three-mile road that will cut through some of its poorest neighborhoods and establish a neat path from I490 to the Cleveland Clinic. Hello, 1966!
I had a chance to sit down to discuss this project with some of the smartest people in Cleveland recently, including writer and entrepreneur Mansfield Frazier, Sierra Club organizer Akshai Singh and NAACP executive director Sheila Wright. I think it was a pretty interesting discussion (aired Sunday on WTAM).
Anyway, wanted to share these recordings because I think it …