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Build skywalks all over it, a la Detroit. This way people can spend all day in your city without even stepping foot in it, conveniently floating a safe 25 feet above street level all day!

It pains me that I even I have to write this article, but here goes, I am holding my nose. Officials in the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are planning to build two of these babies right in the heart of downtown around major new developments–above the protests of residents and young people.
Sometimes, in Cleveland …

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Published annually by Fourth Economy Consulting of Pittsburgh, the Fourth Economy Index identifies those counties that are “ideally positioned to attract modern investment and managed economic growth.” The index is broken down into micro (<25,000 population) small (25,000-49,999), mid-sized (50,000-149,999), and large (150,000-499,999) counties based on population.  The following five metrics are utilized as foundations for determining future economic success:
·         Investment
·         Talent
·         Sustainability
·         Place
·         Diversity
Below is a list of the Top 10 large counties as determined by the Fourth Economy Index – six of which are Rust Belt counties (shown …

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Late last year, at the culmination of a long high-speed chase, 13 Cleveland police fired 137 rounds into a car in East Cleveland killing two unarmed people.
State and local authorities are currently investigating the case: why the chase — which violates official department policies — occurred; why police thought the fleeing couple was armed.
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I love this peaceful video of the Lake Erie shoreline in winter by Matthew Hashiguchi.


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