Gambling our way to Prosperity?

I’m always skeptical when local governments – or gaming proponents – try to sell gambling as the cure for our region’s ills. Ohio voters have rejected casino proposals several times, but there are casinos in Detroit, and also in my hometown of Erie, Pa.

But this article from the Erie Times-News details how revenues from the Presque Isle Downs & Casino is helping lower property tax bills for a number of area residents.

“The stock market can’t seem to recover. Manufacturers slash jobs. Gas prices inch upward.  In these trying economic times, thank goodness for the gamblers,” the paper reports.

And, in his “Inside Erie” e-mail newsletter, Times-News columnist Pat Howard writes, “Gov. Ed Rendell wants to up the ante on gambling in a major way,” by allowing video poker machines in the state’s bars and clubs.

But if the rest of the economy is in a tailspin, I’m not sure why gambling would be any different – wouldn’t its revenues be hurting along with everyone else’s?


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One response to “Gambling our way to Prosperity?

  1. sally

    “Wouldn’t its revenues be hurting along with everyone else’s?”

    No.. because people are stupid. I think more poor people = more gambling.

    Also, in most cases I don’t think adding casinos results in any substantial net economic gain. Case in point, Detroit.

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