Another population/ migration story

This Associated Press story in the Houston Chronicle reports the recession has slowed the migration from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt region.

“Census data released last week highlight a U.S. population somewhat locked in place by the severe housing downturn and economic recession, even before the impact of rippling job layoffs after last September’s financial meltdown,” the article states.

The population figures as of July 2008 show growth slowdowns in once-booming metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tampa, mostly because of a rapid clip of mortgage foreclosures as well as frozen lines of credit that made it harder for out-of-staters to move in.”

Demographer William Frey calls it “the bursting of a migration bubble.”

The story is careful to point out that growth in these areas hasn’t stopped, only that it isn’t growing the same way it once was.

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