How global warming is changing the Great Lakes

We all know how critical the Great Lakes are to our region – for shipping and industry, drinking water, recreation, tourism, and more.

This story from Monday’s Plain Dealer details how scientists are seeing a decline in winter ice on the Great Lakes, a change driven by global warming.

“And that’s not good for the lakes, scientists and environmentalists say.

Ice cover generally protects the lakes from significant winter evaporation. Open water, on the other hand, is easily sucked up by colder air above — which we experience all too often as heavy lake-effect snow.

That increased evaporation is also lowering lake levels, however. Some studies, for example, project that Lake Erie could lose up to 15 percent of its surface area over the next 30 years.”

In a (somewhat) related story, the Associated Press reports a group of scientists will be studying if the droppings of Canada geese are to blame for pollution at the Euclid Creek/ Villa Angela Beach on Cleveland’s east side:

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  1. Jim

    There’s a neat way to combine urban economic renaissance with environmental friendliness: paint city roofs white. There’s a study on the benefits.

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