Toledo: Less “Job Sprawl” Than Others

A recent Brookings Institution study found less “job sprawl” in Toledo than in many other major metro areas.

Eight of 10 jobs in the metropolitan area are within 10 miles of downtown, the study found, as reported in The Blade.

Toledo’s doing better than many other areas. Consider:

-In metro Detroit, 77 percent of jobs are more than 10 miles from downtown.

– In metro Chicago, the figure is 69 percent.

And it is better than any of the Ohio cities studied, The Blade reported.

In Cleveland, just 16 percent of jobs were three miles or less from downtown.

In Cincinnati and Youngstown, the figure was 17 percent; in Columbus, 19 percent; in Dayton, 24 percent, and in Akron, 25 percent.


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2 responses to “Toledo: Less “Job Sprawl” Than Others

  1. rustwire

    I have to say, this worries me more than the other kind of sprawl. Job sprawl has accelerated in 98 percent of metropolitan areas studied, Brookings found, and the bigger the city, the worse the problem is.


  2. That is a very good statistic for Toledo – and probably one that should be more closely monitored by cities, in general. (This, of course, coming from someone who sees value in a strong downtown core).

    Is there a correlation to housing prices and proximity to downtown in Toledo?

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