Unemployed Steelworkers and Environmentalists Unite for Ad

The Environmental Defense Fund has launched a new ad with Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, claiming carbon caps could offer relief to former steel towns.



“Towns like Braddock need Congress to cap carbon so we can get to work,” Mayor Fetterman said. “It takes 250 tons of steel to make a wind turbine, and we’re ready to make as many as we can. We’ve lost 250,000 jobs in Monongahela Valley, and I want to bring them back for the next big business built on steel.”

The campaign was shot on location in Braddock, a town of about 3,000 just east of Pittsburgh that has lost 90 percent of its population along with a whole lot of steel jobs. In coordination with the local branch of United Steelworkers, steelworkers who were laid off from mills in the area were cast in the television, print and on-line executions, PR Newswire reports.

Television spots will run April 12 through May 8 in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, New Hampshire, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Is there anyone cooler than John Fetterman? Seriously.



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