Views of the Erie, PA Waterfront


Full disclosure: Nepotism alert- my Dad, Tony Giammarise, took these photos and submitted them to us. I think people will find them interesting so I still wanted to put them up. This series focuses on what I think is Erie’s best natural resource: the waters of the Great Lakes.


I love this shot of the sun glinting off the domes of the Church of the Nativity, the Russian Orthodox church that overlooks the waterfront and Presque Isle Bay. Is has been there since 1919, and originally located close to the waterfront because so many Russian immigrants worked at the nearby docks.



These photos are of the city’s Water Works.

My Dad’s thoughts: “The pump house was build in 1913 I believe after a typhus epidemic in 1911 took 200 citizens’ lives, because the previous pump station drew its water from the bay and not the lake.  The bay ( Presque Isle Bay) was already filled with too much untreated sewage back then.  So, here we have government making a clear statement about the importance of clean water, civic pride, and sound civil engineering.  Never under estimate the absolute importance of civil engineering.  Without it, much of life as we know it would still be really disease filled.”


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3 responses to “Views of the Erie, PA Waterfront

  1. Vesna

    Kate, your dad seems to be civic minded person himself – that’s great. He should have written more, though.

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  3. Great photos Uncle Tony and astute comment as well. (Nepotism comment alert!)

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