Michigan Central Station Video: “How Far We Have Fallen”

An always popular topic on Rust Wire is the fate of Detroit’s long vacant Michigan Central Station, which the city council has voted to demolish.


Check out this amazing and beautiful video from the Detroit Free Press. You can also go on a virtual tour of the station by following this link.

I think what I really like about this video editorial is that it really articulates a lot of feelings and emotions I have every time I drive by the place, a “jaw dropping…a cavernous cave of twisted iron, broken pipes, and crumbling stone,” as the video both describes and shows.

It is in such striking contrast to what once was there -a station bustling with activity as passengers, “walked on marble floors under gold plated chandeliers,” as the video describes.

Generations of Detroiters arrived here from all over the country and the world- as the Free Press puts it “our Ellis Island – sullied, but sacred ground.”

It concludes, “Demolishing the Depot will erase the city’s most iconic eyesore, but it won’t end the blight on the blocks…Maybe we need this rotten relic to remind us how far we have fallen, and how far we must travel together.” Amen.



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4 responses to “Michigan Central Station Video: “How Far We Have Fallen”

  1. As a writer, I hate to say it but the images have a visceral power that is stunning and wrenching beyond mere words. As an editorial statement, it’s the combination of the two — words and pictures — that pack the punch. I think the Free Press is right; that the building needs to stay as a reminder. It’s a good PR tool at the moment, if it’s even appropriate to use such a word. It calls attention to the issue of abandoned buildings, decay and homelessness in a way that nothing else does.

    As an aside, I was struck by how some of the graffiti was so huge; in perfect scale with that massive building. If it didn’t have the graffiti maybe it could be used for WWII movies where they need some post-bombing shots!

  2. Jason

    I lived in Detroit for 2 years and stood outside that building many times. Its an incredible sight to behold. Its much more massive in real life than in pictures. Every time my wife and I went to see it we would just stand there in awe of its massive beauty while at the same time shaking our heads at the city that let it rot. Its one of the saddest stories of beautiful architecture gone to waste that I’ve ever seen. I honestly feel sorry for the people of Detroit.

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  4. chris

    um thats not the train station, that is the old public school book storage. they found a body in there a few years ago.

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