John Fetterman: “The Pissed-Off Avenging Angel of the Rust Belt”

It looks like Braddock, Pa. Mayor John Fetterman is shaping up to be a national spokesman for the Rust Belt region.

Or, as this story puts it, “the pissed-off avenging angel of the Rust Belt.”

He recently spoke at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, so this article focuses on his message for cities in Michigan.


Also, make sure you check out his web site,




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7 responses to “John Fetterman: “The Pissed-Off Avenging Angel of the Rust Belt”

  1. schmange

    I’m actually getting a little tired of these profiles of John Fetterman. Yes, he graduated from Harvard and he has tattoos! What’s the news?

  2. Special K

    I agree with you in that a lot of these articles are somewhat the same. I guess it’s just good to see someone speaking up forcefully on behalf of this region on the national level.

  3. ndb

    Some criticism of Fetterman in today’s Post-Gazette:

    • schmange

      Interesting. I admire him and his resolve, I was wondering if he had any time to govern between interviews though.

  4. Special K

    Neil, Thanks for pointing out this article and sharing it with us.

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  6. Maggie

    City council isn’t going to help Braddock by being set in old ways. Aging populations hold river towns back. They don’t want to let go of what used to be. They can’t comprehend the possibility of a vibrant creative community.

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