Don’t Jump! Akron’s Suicide Bridge and the Stimulus Bill

All the big national media sources are clucking about the city of Akron’s decision to spend more than $1 million in stimulus money to prevent people from jumping off a bridge.

The New York Times ran a story today about the so-called “Suicide Bridge,” or Y-bridge, as it is known for its distinctive fork. Almost 30 people have taken a final plunge over the its side since 1997, The Times reports.

Akron's All-American/"Y"/Suicide Bridge

Akron's All-American/"Y"/Suicide Bridge

The city of Akron is planning to build a fence to prevent people from hurling themselves unto their untimely deaths. The Times reports the police are called to save people from jumping about one per week.

Although Akron’s suicide rate is not out-of-line with national averages, authorities say the bridge as become a “magnet bridge.”not to take some action, do something — we’d really look like an uncaring community,” said Mayor Donald Plusquellic.

Some people think it’s a waste of money, though, and they’re debating it on the Akron Beacon Journal’s Web site.


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3 responses to “Don’t Jump! Akron’s Suicide Bridge and the Stimulus Bill

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  2. Cnizzy

    Let the poor basterds jump.. If they got nothing worth living for then why stop emm…

  3. Jennifer

    My Aunt jumped off this bridge…she was pronounced dead at the scene…any deterent that we can provide must help, if only to discourage from this form of suicide. Its heartbreaking. It has been about ten years now and still a fresh wound in my family’s heart. If there was a fence, maybe it wouldn’t be Suicide Bridge anymore, but the bridge of hope.

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