Youngstown’s Treez Please

When you live in a city with lots of problems, it’s easy to get discouraged. What can one person do?

For Youngstown resident Debra Weaver the answer is trees. The self-employed attorney launched a program with two friends to turn vacant lands into controlled urban forests while helping combat global warming.

She calls her volunteer group Treez Please.

p3280016Several weeks ago the group convened on Youngstown’s Wick Park, a beautiful wooded park that surrounded by the city’s grand old mansions (leftovers of former industrial tycoons, many of them boarded up).

Volunteers planted 17 trees to assist with a The Wick Park Revitalization Project a grassroots effort to revitalize the neighborhood by improving the park at its center.

Treez Please’s mission is to improve the landscape in Youngstown, which is potted with abandoned buildings in disrepair. In addition, the group hopes to assist with the city’s demolition program by transforming demolition sites into mini park-like urban sanctuaries.

Their goal is to plant enough trees to offset the carbon produced by the city’s bus fleet.


Read more about it here, here and here.

Treez Please is planning its second annual Grey-to-Green festival September 12 in Wick Park. The educational event will be used to inform people about sustainable practices and the city’s Youngstown 2010 plan.

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