Jim and Pam Wedding in Youngstown?

I didn’t catch this week’s episode of “The Office,” and now look what happened.

Apparently, Jim and Pam were planning to get married in Youngstown, which proves definitively, according to this blog, that the show’s writers have no knowledge of Rust Belt geography.

Jim + Pam = Jam

Jim + Pam = Jam

National writers ignorant about the Midwest? Impossible.

I once saw an NPR story that identified Youngstown as being a mid-sized Pennsylvania town.

Oops. Here it is.

And another thing. Why would anyone drive to Youngstown to get married? (No offense, guys.)

Maybe … Youngstown could rebuild its economy as a wedding destination.

Ok, I’m stopping.


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5 responses to “Jim and Pam Wedding in Youngstown?

  1. Special K

    I’m glad you wrote something about this. While I love, love, love The Office, I was irritated by the clear ignorance of Midwest geography in this episode.

    It reminds me of another time I was watching the show Queer as Folk, which is supposed to take place in Pittsburgh, and one of the characters made a comment about the Susquehanna River. Excuse me??? There are three rivers in Pittsburgh, but the Susquehanna isn’t one of them!

    It is just so annoying to me because this is the kind of thing that a writer could figure out in like two seconds by looking at a map or looking on the Internet.

  2. Taren

    Yeah, well Pittsburgh is also portrayed as having an extensive, collective, vibrant gay community, with a “gayborhood” and everything. If anything would’ve tripped you off as being inaccurate or a joke, that would be it.

    I guess you just have to.. yanno, get a life. Who cares?

  3. I say it’s fine for fictional TV shows to take liberty with facts in order to fit their plot line. It’s called artistic license!

  4. PS The sad thing is that most people probably won’t even notice the incongruency.

    PSS I thought this comment on that blog post is pretty funny:

    “The problems with this show’s plot run much deeper than you know. I looked it up, and there actually IS no paper company called Dunder Mifflin. Furthermore, Jim Halpert, Pam Beasly and Michael Scott don’t even actually exist. What could possibly possess the viewing public to tolerate this….this fiction? They’re putting things on TV that aren’t true!”

  5. Megan

    I’ve been to Scranton, numerous times, hell I was just there a few weeks ago.

    Although NO there is no Dunder Mifflin there, you will be happy to know the following useless information that I may now remove from my brain: 1- The building they did actually film the opening credits for The Office was for sale (a year ago when I was there) and had a sign ” Own the Building from THE OFFICE!” They just filmed the front
    2- They have no lie, AN OFFICE CONVENTION in Scranton every year. Sometimes the stars of the show are present! http://www.theofficeconvention.com/photos/
    3- Yes they stated Youngstown because according to Jim on the show, Ohio is the closest state you can apply and get married within one day. SHOT GUN WEDDINGS UNITE!
    There now back to work.

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