Dayton to Host “Dying Cities” Symposium

Upset with being named to Forbes’ “10 Fastest Dying Cities” list, Daytonians are taking action, The Dayton Daily News reports.

The city will host a summit in August for “Three Days of Ideas and Inspiration,” the story reports.

Organizers intend to invite folks from the other cities on the list, Canton, Youngstown, and Cleveland, Ohio as well as Flint, Mich.; Scranton, Pa; Springfield, Mass.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Detroit, Mich.; and Charlestown, W.Va..

Regular readers of this blog know that Rust Wire is not too fond of these bogus lists. It’s good to see one prompting some action though.

Thanks to Jeff Vines for alerting us to this.



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4 responses to “Dayton to Host “Dying Cities” Symposium

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  2. Thanks for spreading the word! This symposium/gathering will just be the start–and we would love to have participation from any Rust Belt readers.

    One of the ten maligned cities will someday be the first to make it to another (equally bogus, but what the heck) list of “10 most livable cities.” Most places in the country are going to have to go through an economic transformation and rebuilding not unlike what we’re experiencing. Dayton, also known as “The Cradle of Innovation,” is going to be a leader in figuring it out.

    Join us in August: Pre-registration is available at

    Damon Sink

  3. J. Zerga

    Give them an A for effort but nothing at all will be accomplished. On the current course, these once great cities will rot and rust into the ground. These cities are obsolete and serve no purpose now except as crime ridden habitation for the growing poverty stricken underclass.

    The only way out of this constant decline is to see the re-industrialization the United States of America. There is a possibility of an American industrial re-birth, but it will take the shock of some radical event to ignite the spark.

    Perhaps the next phase of the continuing economic collapse might provide the catalyst. Then again, in such a scenario, it would be more practical to abandon rotting cities and simply start from scratch.

  4. All of the old industrial/steel cities have gone out because of unions. The people are over paid and the cost of goods goes up as well making them not able to compete.

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