The Cuyahoga County Landbank: A Glimmer of Sunshine for Cleveland?

Since meeting with approval from the Ohio General Assembly in December, the new Cuyahoga County Landbank has spurred some creative rethinking for landuse in Cleveland.


Among the proposals:

  • A network of parks
  • Urban Agriculture (someone has even proposed a winery on the East Side!)
  • New Transportation Projects

“The land bank is a key piece in realizing that this is the time for some of the most significant urban planning in 100 years, if not longer,” said Frank Alexander, an Emory University law professor and a national expert on land banks, told The Plain Dealer.

The Cuyahoga County landbank is Ohio’s first county landbank. It is being modeled after the Genesee County Land Bank in Flint Michigan. This effort has been credited with boosting a $3 billion tax base by $112 million, attracting $30 million in fresh investment to the city’s main street, and finding a developer to rehab a historic downtown hotel in the Flint area.

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