The Architecture of St. Louis

31386757Welcome to the Gateway City, St. Louis, Missouri, home to Nelly, William S. Bowdern and some fabulous architecture. Above is the city’s modest city hall. The city built this building in 1890, when it outgrew “the municipal barn,” according to the city’s urban design and planning agency.

29764284Here is a beautiful residential block in St. Louis’ Fountain Park, a neighborhood known for large stately houses.

29764290And here is Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis peaking through the alley. Check out that link for some amazing interior shots. This puppy, which is a blend of Byzantine and Romanesque design, took almost 80 years to complete, beginning in 1907.

Since this post is about architecture, I’ll even include a cool blueprint I found.

history3This is an impressive apartment building in St. Louis’DeMun neighborhood.

31386750Here we have one of my personal favorites: Bus Loop Burgers in the Wellston Loop, formerly a streetcar station.

31386751More houses.

39121069This is one of the mansions that stand along the private streets and boulevards in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood. This neighborhood is home to some of the city’s finest architectural gems, including examples of French Gothic, Federal and Italian Renaissance styles, according to The History of St. Louis Neighborhoods.

39359727Not far away on South Kingshighway, you’ll find these spectacular examples of Art Deco architecture.

newstuff520Here we have the Clarendon Avenue block of North St. Louis.

newstuff533A view of the city’s Garment District. This area used to be a fashion hub throughout the Midwest, according to this blog.

I’ll leave you with this image of Washington University Medical Center. I like it!

newstl124Oh wait, I forgot this one. Can’t leave this out.


Thanks again Randy(!) Vines, of Randy is the shutterbug of the pair.


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6 responses to “The Architecture of St. Louis

  1. You silly girls, those are my pics! Hope you enjoy. Fun fact about the Cathedral Basilica– it houses the world’s largest collection of mosaic art. Pretty neat, huh?

  2. Yeah, I can’t take credit for those shots– that’s all Randy. I must admit, our city is one good lookin’ old mama.

  3. Heather Furman

    What a cool post! I love the architecture shots 🙂

  4. HHF

    What a great post! I love all the architecture shots. Are you guys doing this for each city?

    • schmange

      We’d like to. Are you a photographer in a Rust Belt city? We’ve done a few on Cincinnati already. I’ve got some cool ideas for Cleveland too.

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