Cleveland Bike Station in the Making

The city of Cleveland is considering installing a commuter bike station in downtown,Green City Blue Lake is reporting.


Chicago's Millennium Park bike station

The plan will include covered, secure bicycle parking, a maintenance shop and shower facilities. The city is working withClevelandBikes and a nonprofit national organization called Bike Station.

Bikestation was begun in Long Beach. Calif., modeled after Japanese and European examples. It has established stations in Seattle and Washington D.C. as well as L.A.

For more about why projects like this are necessary, check out this post.

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One response to “Cleveland Bike Station in the Making

  1. Yeah Cleveland!! Actually, I have the pleasure of living in Cleveland and this project will go out for bid in a few weeks and is expected to be complete by early summer 2010. Some pretty cool public art will identify the building to anyone passing by. This project is located in the heart of our downtown, adjacent to two pro-sports arenas (Cavaliers & Indians) and within 2 blocks of a major bike route, the Euclid Corridor.

    Public Art >

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