Follow Jane’s Rust Belt Road Trip

Read about this group of urban planning students and their travels (so far) to Pittsburgh and Youngstown.

They’re on the road this week and still headed to Cleveland, Detroit, and Flint!

” After reading up on some of the efforts of cities in the region, we decided to go to hit the ground and learn from the community groups, government agencies, individuals and everyone in between whose passionate local level projects are having cumulative positive effects on the cities and the region,” wrote Jane Tigan as she was kicking off the trip.

“We’ll try to draw larger, mega-region questions from what we see in the city we’re in that day. I hope you enjoy the posts and we look forward to your comments.”



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2 responses to “Follow Jane’s Rust Belt Road Trip

  1. I’m confused. Are there are two weblogs about the trip? There’s and .

  2. Special K

    It looks there are two different trips.

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