The Pain of Being A Cleveland Sports Fan

  Last night was a rough one for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who took a thorough drubbing from the Orlando Magic to end their championship hopes. Cleveland, in case you weren’t aware, entered the tournament with the best record in the league, the N.B.A.’s Most Valuable Player and Best Coach. The team won the first eight games of the playoffs by more than 10 points each.

  It was hard to tell last night, however, as they fell to a sharp-shooting Magic 103-90 in a one-sided match.

  For Cleveland fans, this kind of disappointment is nothing new. Sports Illustrated actually had a very in-depth article about the Cleveland Curse. The city hasn’t won a professional sports championship since 1964.

  A lot of people thought this would be the year. The author of this article, a Cleveland native, always had his doubts.

74165826MW087_Game_4_San_An  The speculation about LeBron James leaving the city has already begun.

  I was at the FootLocker yesterday, picking up a couple Lebron jerseys, and the guys at the counter were ribbing me, saying the Cavs were overrated. (This was in Columbus.) One of them was wearing a Lakers’ jersey. I thought they were a-holes, but I have to admit this morning I’m a little jealous of those people that root for the Yankees and the Lakers.

  From a random and non-scientific sample of Cleveland sports fans (aka Kate’s Facebook firend’s pages) over the last several days:

“that old familiar feeling….the comfortable misery of being a Cleveland sports fan”

“Clearly being a Cleveland sports fan causes some kind of mental illness, b/c I actually have a small amount of hope they can come back to win 3”

“partially blames the racist Indians logo for cursing Cleveland sports, still dislikes Mike Brown and wants out of the abusive relationship that is being a Cleveland sports fan. GAH!”

“disgusted and not surprised.”

“Oh Cleveland sports, why can’t you be like other crappy teams and be consistently bad instead of filling me with false hope?”

“Cue the fat lady!!”

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  1. ndb

    This is little consolation for Clevelanders, but at least we know that the Stanley Cup will be returning to the rust bowl this year – hopefully to Pittsburgh.

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