High-Profile Crimes in Baltimore


According to this piece in the Baltimore Sun, police and Baltimore leaders are worried after some serious attacks in the Inner Harbor area. The story describes some violent and troubling crimes.

Sadly, I’ve never been to Baltimore, so my knowledge of the city is limited to what I have learned from Homicide and The Wire. But luckily I will soon get to experience B-more in person; I have a trip planned there for next weekend.

Are people there concerned about these crimes? Are they being blown out of proportion because some of the victims were tourists? Will this hurt further development in this area? Any Baltimore readers (Baltimorites? Baltimoreans?) care to weigh in?

Thanks to Rust Wire reader and Baltimore resident Eric Noyes for sending me this story.



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5 responses to “High-Profile Crimes in Baltimore

  1. Baltimore is an amazing city that suffers from a lot of the same negative perceptions of crime and decay that pervade in Midwestern cities. It’s unfortunate that a few random acts of violence can sap the momentum of a city on the upswing.

    Make sure to explore the neighborhoods of Charm City. It’s such a quirky and lovable city. And make sure to get a Baltimorese translation guide– the accents are so strange it’s almost not even English.

  2. anonymous

    baltimore is run by criminals. the mayor is a criminal. the police commissioner is a criminal. the school board are crimals. the governor is a criminal. the crime you see in the streets is a symtom of the corruption at the top. it is not the cause but the result.
    i am so fed up with the lies and the subterfuge coming from the bureaucrats and the state sponsored media that i see organizing a boycott of the harbor area businesses as the only thing that can straighten this city out. the harbor is the only thing the bureaucrats care about.
    i will say to anyone: every dollar you spend in baltimore goes to support a criminal government.

  3. ^And yet Baltimore remains such a wonderful, historic and lovable city.

    Face it, the most interesting cities in the country are those that are corrupt.

  4. Megan

    I can offer this much from experience. I worked roughly one year in Maryland for my job, I enjoyed the hell out of Baltimore and everyone in the city, as long as they were not in a car. And I walked alone, at night around that city, pretty much every single time I was there.
    One point is correct- the Inner Harbor is a tourist area, where the National Aquarium is located, and where tourists pretty much spend most of their time. It was a nice area, one I enjoyed, but there are better kept secrets in the city (the Italian district, underground music scene- speaking of which there is the Insubordination Festival, a HUGE punk pop festival) and amazing people. Anytime I was in need of directions, assistance, people were more than willing to let me know where to go and where to NOT go.

    It is hard to see something in a newspaper that may either serve as useful announcement to the public, or damage a city’s already struggling reputation. Is Baltimore really that bad in comparison with any other city? Is it that bad from what once existed? I think the question is really- how can you honestly determine if a city is bad?

  5. Special K

    Here is a follow up story on a shake up in the police leadership:

    It sounds like something straight out of The Wire!

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