Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Municipal Employee Residency Requirements

The general consensus is that this will be horrible for Cleveland.


Maybe it will be good because maybe they will hire better employees.


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4 responses to “Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Municipal Employee Residency Requirements

  1. Jeff from cle

    There is no way this can possibly be good for the city. But it does give me yet another reason to move away from Cleveland (and not for its suburbs, for a REAL city). Thanks, guys!

  2. Claudia

    This is bad, bad, bad for Cleveland. Anybody who thinks otherwise ought to visit Detroit, which got rid of their residence requirement 30 yrs ago. Talk to some long time Detroiters and you will find many stories of city employees not even waiting for their houses to sell…this was the long ago start of the thousands of abandoned houses in Detroit and will only exacerbate this problem in Cleveland.

  3. I think this is a great move for Cleveland. This means that the city is in better shape to attract talent to municipal jobs. Think about it: If you live in the Cleveland burbs, and you want to work for the city, previously you HAD to move to the city for the job.

    Now, with the residency requirement eliminated, the city can pull from the entire regional laborforce for its employment needs. This is a great change for the city, and the region.


  4. Rob

    Admittedly, this “expanded talent pool” argument sounds great in theory. Unfortunately, I’m cynical enough to think that Cleveland’s hiring decisions are based on more than just the quality of the applicants in the status quo; and short of reforming local government, nothing will change.

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