WSJ: Big Cities Growing Quicker

The Wall Street Journal is carrying a story about growth in many big cities since the last census.

The paper reports the recession is having a chilling effect on suburban sprawl. Researchers also predict migration to the Sun Belt is cooling.

Philadelphia, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago and Columbus, Ohio are among the big winners.

St. Paul

St. Paul

Detroit and Cleveland, not so much.

“Cities are showing a continued vitality as hubs of activity even as some suburban and exurban areas go through tough times,” said William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. “It emphasizes the buoyancy of large established cities with diverse economies and populations.”

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One response to “WSJ: Big Cities Growing Quicker

  1. Rob

    Perhaps the most devastating thing about the new Census report is that Cleveland’s supposedly “good” suburbs (Lakewood, Shaker Heights, University Heights), the places that are supposed to have good schools and low crime, experienced 10%+ loss of population as well. All is not well in the Cleveland metro.

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