dArt St. Louis

On April 30th, 2009, one hundred St. Louisians stepped up to the line and threw their dart at the giant map of St. Louis City. They then had a month to visit the block where their dart landed and take a photograph.

The results are beautifully chronicled at dartstlouis.com.

A sampling:


Jefferson & Papin by Corinne McAfee

Kennerly Ave. & North Taylor

Kennerly Ave. and North Taylor by Curt von Diest

Russell Blvd. & Broadway by Jay Baker

Russell Blvd. & Broadway by Jay Baker


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3 responses to “dArt St. Louis

  1. Paz

    This is a really cool idea. Though Pittsburgh’s shape doesn’t really lend itself well to a dartboard.

  2. Special K

    I think this is a great idea that other cities should copy.

  3. The quality of photos are fantastic– they look professional. Though I do think these photos unfairly characterize St. Louis as a desolate, empty city, but in reality, there are many more healthy areas than distressed ones.

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