Left to Rot

By now, we’ve all seen these. Half-finished condominum complexes, shopping centers, homes, abandoned and left vulnerable to the elements.

This $5.8 billion complex was to contain 5,000 hotel rooms on the Las Vegas strip.

This $5.8 billion complex was to contain 5,000 hotel rooms on the Las Vegas strip.

The New York Times has catalogued some striking examples in a slide show called The Ruins of a Second Guilded Age.

“The sudden shift in the economy has unmasked such excess,” said photographer Edgar Martins.

Says Michael Olivares, a 30-year-0ld accountant who bought his Bakersfield Calfornia home for $410,000 in 2006, “We get a lot of tumbleweeds rolling through.”

Nine homes on his street have been foreclosed on this year.


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4 responses to “Left to Rot

  1. Sean Posey

    There are some really nice photos in that slide show. I really saw allot of that down in Florida during the past year. Neighborhoods are deserted and shopping complexes half-built.

  2. Special K

    These are great photos and I’m glad someone is documenting this.

    I was recently in Madison, Wisconsin, where someone pointed out to me a new condo project that is similar to the ones captured here. Though the building had been completed, it is almost completely empty. We drove by it at night; it was eerie to see the luxury high-rise building nearly dark except for lights in two or three of the units.

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  4. Special K

    Sorry folks, it looks like these have been removed from The Times’ web site because it turns out they were digitally altered:


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