Cleveland’s E. 4th Street Highlighted in NYT

When you live in the Rust Belt, there’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing your city profiled in a positive light in the national media.

I guess we just crave that outside recognition, even while trying to ignore all the bad news.

So for all the doom and gloom coming out of Cleveland these days (federal corruption probe, sad census figures, foreclosure nightmare) it was nice to see this positive feature about E. 4th Street in today’s New York Times.

The article praises the vision of the Maron family, who built the $100 million downtown residential/entertainment district shortly after there was talk of demolishing the historic street.


East Fourth Street represents about 14 percent of the roughly $800 million in new housing, hotel and retail development in central Cleveland that is deemed to have been spurred by the sports and entertainment investments, according to city redevelopment figures.


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2 responses to “Cleveland’s E. 4th Street Highlighted in NYT

  1. Great article! It sounds like the developers really understand that organic, small-scale development is key to creating and sustaining a real neighborhood. Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis has evolved in a similar fashion.

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