Saved on Film

Filmmaker Billy Erhard has filmed the insides and outsides of dozens of abandoned homes in Buffalo, New York, as they are being torn apart by workers. This six-minute video is an attempt to preserve the images of the mostly 1920s-era bungalows after they are demolished.

The city of Buffalo has more than 20,000 abandoned homes. Mayor Byron Brown has been leading an aggressive demolition campaign there.

Preservation Nation magazine, who tipped us off to the project, has posted a great story about the film here.

Erhard produced the video for the “Story about Place” short-film competition by the Society for Moving Images about the Built Environment.



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2 responses to “Saved on Film

  1. Dolores Amato

    I grew up in Buffalo and was proud to live there. I agree, it is not an isolated story. The film reminds me of the art of Buffalo, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the way Buffalonians nurtured his art. I am hopeful that we can find creative solutions to preserving and managing the issue of inner city decay.

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