Lose Your Job, Lose Your Health Care


This Wall Street Journal story highlights the struggle many people in Michigan face as auto jobs disappear.

The share of Michigan residents under 65 using public insurance such as Medicaid rose to 22% last year, from 11% a decade earlier, WSJ reports.

“These cutbacks, in turn, are devastating the health-care sector. Now the state’s largest employer, health-care providers have swung from profit to loss. Hopes are fading that Michigan’s hospitals and clinics can offset the car industry’s decline: Even as waves of former auto workers are retraining as nurses, dental hygienists and X-ray technicians, the state’s hospitals are freezing expansion plans and laying off workers. Unpaid bills at the state’s hospitals hit $2 billion in 2007, twice the level in 2001, and continue to grow, according to the Michigan Health & Hospital Association.”

It’s a pretty grim picture.

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One response to “Lose Your Job, Lose Your Health Care

  1. mark harper

    As you cheerleaders are writing about this city. There are still more dredging up the past A Perfect example is the man who set up at Four Seasons Fleamarket every Sunday, selling his book about Jim Traficant, talking about that they’re going to have a parade for Jimbo when he returns. Imagine the embarrassment on this community. We have a parade to welcome back, a convicted felon Go to U-Tube and search for “YOUNGSTOWN NUT JOB” watch IT and tell me we aren’t DOOMED
    Here is th kink

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