Cincinnati gets a Shout Out in the NYT

So, do you think one New York Times reporter is touring the Rust Belt on a mission to tell the other side of the story, you know the life goes on side?

That’s my best guess after features on Cleveland and Pittsburgh and now this one on The Queen City, not that Cincinnati doesn’t deserve this upbeat feature in the paper’s travel section.

No story of Cincinnati could be complete without mention of Over-The-Rhine and the race roits of 2001, could it?

But the Times gives the city credit for downtown redevelopment projects as well as “cool music venues, funky shopping outlets and smart culinary options.”

Whoot, whoot!



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3 responses to “Cincinnati gets a Shout Out in the NYT

  1. Ughh…I’m so tired of every positive story being ruined by the inevitable “race riots” garbage, which happened eight years ago. And weren’t really “race riots” anyway, just a bunch of disgruntled and idle people turning over hot dog carts and breaking a few windows.

    The OTR neighborhood still has issues, for sure, but I’m glad to read that the NYT writer saw that there has been quite a turnaround there. Places that were drive-through drug markets just three or four years ago have become places where you could take your family. Dozens of blocks remain to be cleaned up, of course.

    I love the positive press! But it would be great if a local could guide one of these writers around, because they all tend to read the same after a while. I’m sure many of you in the “flyover” cities feel the same way.

  2. Kelly

    The race riots, were just that-riots and shouldn’t be dismissed as ineffective acts of criminality.
    “A riot is the the language of the unheard” -MLK

  3. schmange

    I actually agree that what happened in Cincinnati was a pretty textbook definition of a race riot, but perhaps you could argue they were small, committed by a few and have been overblown.

    For as long as I can remember the Cincinnati police department has had a reputation for being racist. I haven’t heard much about that since this incident though.

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