30 Rock in Cleveland

I don’t watch this show so bear with me, but Tina Fey and her love interest from 30 Rock spend a romantic weekend in Cleveland in a recent show.

I’m pretty sure none of it was actually filmed in Cleveland. They just borrowed a few screenshots of Cleveland landmarks.

For example, when they’re strolling through The Flats, they’re definitely in New York or at least Philadelphia. But they nailed the landmarks, the Rock Hall, Terminal Tower, ect.

It’s kind of funny. It’s very tongue in cheek. I think that’s what this show is known for. (Why do people like this show? Can someone explain it to me?)

At least I like it vastly better than the hastily filmed tourism video, though I think they borrowed from that.

Anyway. the couple returns and begin planning a move to Cleveland. Tina Fey tells that girl from Ally McBeal, “In Cleveland, I’m a model.”To which the girl responds, “We’re all models west of the Allegheny.”If only I lived in Pittsburgh. Sigh.


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3 responses to “30 Rock in Cleveland

  1. Special K

    I think this is actually an older episode – notice Jacobs Field instead of Progressive Field – but I definitely like the song. And I like when Alec Baldwin says, “We’d all like to flee to The Cleve.”

    You are right, that is definitely not The Flats though.

  2. Bobby

    This episode is over two years old…

    Back then Cleveland actually had a hope of turning around, so this kind of stuff was actually pretty funny. Now it’s just depressing.

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