Focus: Detroit Mayoral Race


As most everyone knows, Detroit is a city with a lot of problems.

Metro Times writes,

“The auto industry that formed its economic bedrock for most of the past century teeters precariously as two of what used to be known as the Big Three emerge from bankruptcy reorganization. The consensus opinion from President Barack Obama on down is that even though every effort is being made to save the industry, many of the jobs lost are never coming back, and the city known as Motown is in for a long and perilous struggle.

Unemployment in Detroit is approaching 25 percent. People continue to flee at a rate of about 10,000 per year. The foreclosure crisis gripping the nation hit here early and hit here hard, adding to what was already an unmanageable number of abandoned homes. Crime and poverty rates are consistently among the highest of the country’s big cities. The school district, overseen by an appointed financial manager, is considering bankruptcy. And the city, facing a general fund deficit of $300 million, could soon be facing insolvency as well.”

So, the article asks, why are most in the city acting like the mayor’s race isn’t important? The answer is complicated – from fatigue over the Kilpatrick years, to a focus on other problems and political races. An interesting read for anyone who cares about Detroit.

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