Promoting Public Transportation in Youngstown

My good friend in Youngstown, John Slanina, recently organized a group bus ride around Youngstown’s Mahoning County.

This video is one of the results.

Slanina sent an email to 20 friends and asked them to bring a friend and meet him at the bus stop. The experience was meant to familiarize local residents with the public transportation system.

Youngstown won a hard-fought battle at the polls in November to institute a county-wide sales tax to rescue their bus system, which has slashed weekend and night service due to a budget crunch.

This is a good idea. John is always full of good ideas.

This video was produced by Flash Mob.



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3 responses to “Promoting Public Transportation in Youngstown

  1. Tony Nicholas

    I was a participant of that bus ride, what a good experience it was.
    It illustrated how important public transportation is to a city. there was a wonderful mix of people on the bus that day, from those who ride every day and those who for them it was a first. To thank John is not enough, that ride/lunch brought people together for the betterment of our city and allowed us to meet and get to know some new neighbors. thanks also to Art Byrd for filming the experience.
    Another small step in the right direction for the YO.

  2. rayharper

    That video truly made me want to puke. those 30 people on the bus are probably more people that rode that bus all week. passage of a quarter percent sales tax for the WRTA is nothing but money poured down a rat hole. The first thing Ferro did with the money was announced they were buying an entire new fleet of buses. What a waste. Then he announced they were building new office buildings. When a waste, Now WE will have brand-new buses riding around empty. WRTA and the library are with out a doubt the 2 biggest wasters of public taxmoney

    Watch this bus ride into the true history of the Youngstown area

    This city will always be the laughingstock of Ohio and as long as you have people like this guy talking about a parade for Jim Trafficant. This will make us the laughing stock of the country

    Having a welcome back parade for a convicted felon

    you panty wearing cheerleaders should give up

  3. schmange

    Ray Harper,

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re open to criticism.

    Could do without the namecalling, though. In this case, however, you’re right on both counts. #1, We both wear panties (we’re women). #2, We are cheerleaders if the topic is Youngstown or public transportation.

    I think criticism of how the sales tax revenues have been spent is perfectly legitimate.

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