The End of Pure Michigan?

 You’ve probably heard those radio ads or seen other billboards or other advertisements touting “Pure Michigan,” the state’s campaign to attract tourists and their dollars.


When I lived in Toledo, the radio ads seemed to literally play non-stop, promoting Ann Arbor, Frankenmuth, Sault Ste. Marie, the UP, and more.

This Detroit Free Press column reports the state is considering cutting the $30 million budget used for promoting Pure Michigan to only $5 million.

What do you think? Have the ads been successful? Is it money well-spent? As a Michigan resident, do they help raise morale in a difficult year?


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7 responses to “The End of Pure Michigan?

  1. HHF

    They started playing the Ann Arbor ones in Cleveland on the radio. Makes me actually want to visit there.

  2. HHF

    Also- do you guys have an area on this website where you can submit news tips? I think you might find the Shoreway reference here interesting:

  3. Special K

    Yeah, the Ann Arbor one is pretty effective, in my opinion. Also, the column mentions that narrator’s voice is Tim Allen, which I didn’t know.

    And thanks for the great news tip!

  4. Rob

    I never found the Pure Michigan advertisements compelling. The best tourism-related marketing, in my opinion, is from Kennywood, in which they show (supposedly) actual Cleveland families talking about how fun, affordable, and close it is.

  5. schmange

    I liked the Michigan ad campaign too. To this day, I want to visit Mackinac Island. Also, I always think of Michigan as a great place for outdoor activities.

    Michigan has done a lot to try and boost tourism, which is the state’s No. 2 industry. Tourism gives the state an incentive to preserve cultural and natural attractions. I think there’s something doubly good about working to make your state fun because not just tourists but residents can enjoy the results.

  6. I think that the ads were pretty good. I don’t know if they were effective or not, but I did like their appearance and message.

  7. Paul

    I felt as though they were very successful all the way in Oklahoma. I walked into a staff meeting one Monday morning and half the staff (4 to 5 of the 8 people) were discussing the ads. The natural beauty shown in Michigan was refreshing for these Okies. Of course, growing up in Michigan, it was my pleasure to confirm their thoughts. Tim Allen doing the voice-over was brilliant as well, because most people I talked to knew it was him or knew it was someone they knew.

    Having lived away from Michigan for 4+ years now, some of the ads gave me chills. Crazy, I know.

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