Media Bedding Down in Detroit

Time Magazine has purchased a home in Detroit’s West Village neighborhood, as the media company steps up efforts to chronicle the economic turmoil taking place in the Motor City, The Free Press reports.


The Magazine employed a similar strategy in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Bill Mitchell, a former Free Press reporter and editor and Time magazine bureau chief in Detroit said: “It’s really an enterprising way of storytelling. It’s an interesting situation where the journalist will be not only an independent observer, but a stakeholder” in the city.

Time purchased the 1914-constructed, five-bedroom, three-bath home on Parker Avenue for $99,000, according to the paper.


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4 responses to “Media Bedding Down in Detroit

  1. Special K

    It’s good to see a publication like this make such an investment in covering a city as important as Detroit. I look forward to reading their Detroit articles.

    It is especially positive in light of a blog post we wrote a number of months ago, in which a Time Magazine reporter only had three hours to visit Detroit and learn all about its problems:

  2. Tim

    It’s far from the first time media have “bedded down” on Parker street. I lived a block north of this house for a decade while I wrote for The Oakland Press, a newspaper in Pontiac; just up the block lived Mary Kramer, then managing editor of Crain’s Detroit Business, and there were several more reporters and freelancers for metro Detroit and national pubs in the West Village area. I guess it’s nice the boys and girls from Time will be there, but we’re not talking the new frontier, here.

  3. Detroit is going to be a major story for the foreseeable future, nice to see them taking it seriously enough to have people there. Sad that this is the state of new bureaus in 2009 tho.

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