Rust Belt States Bellweather in 2010


As goes the Rust Belt, so goes the nation?

According to The Washington Post’s The Fix, that may be the case in the 201o midterm elections.

The Post cites four key governor’s races: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that make our region “the central proving ground for both parties heading into the 2010 midterm elections” as well as Senate contests in Ohio and Illinois.

Five of these six states currently have Democratic governors, according to the paper.

Why are we so important? Four of the six are among the top 20 states unemployment-wise, all have large numbers of electoral votes.

“Democrats have reason for optimism in both 2010 and 2012,” The Fix believes. Obama won all six in 2008.

“With the notable exception of Michigan, Republicans are considered underdogs to win the remaining five governorships next fall. Still, the economic state of the states almost certainly gives Republicans an opening to argue they can do it better, and the historic volatility of open seats is not to be discounted. Watch the Rust Belt governors’ races next November. They should provide a window into the minds of voters heading into the 2012 presidential election.”

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