Cleveland Public Art: Pixelating Morgana


This is what happens to nondescript walls if Cleveland Public Art has its way.

The nonprofit organization has spurred dozens of masterpieces (no entry fee required) across the city of Cleveland since its inception in 1984.

Pictured above is one of CPA’s grander and more recent endeavors: Pixelating Morgana, a 300 by 20 foot mural which brightens the Morgana Run Trail in Slavic Village. The work was completed by artists Christopher Diehl, Sean Breslin and John Troxell with support from Slavic Village Development Corporation and ParkWorks last summer.


Cleveland Public Art is also responsible for some of the most recognizable sights in the city of Cleveland.

The Euclid Avenue planters

The Euclid Avenue planters

Superior Avenue's industry-themed sculpture garden

Superior Avenue's industry-themed sculpture garden

One of my personal favorites:

The Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden

The Cleveland Public Library Eastman Reading Garden


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4 responses to “Cleveland Public Art: Pixelating Morgana

  1. Sarah Hartley

    Very cool!!!

  2. Jinn Easterday

    Cool! Art is life. Life is art.

  3. HHF

    Did Ryan and I’s posts on our wiggio group about the bluebirds and eco-fence inspire this Rustwire post? 😉

  4. Joe Bialek

    The art is absolutely beautiful but all the beauty in the world can’t protect you from crime. Without safety nothing else matters.

    During my time (1993 to 1999) as President of {the now defunct} South East Clevelanders Together I worked to promote community organizing in Ward 12 {Slavic Village} to address quality of life issues {such as crime watch} in an aggressive and systematic manner. During that time, Ward 12 was represented by current City of Cleveland Director of Building and Housing Edward W. Rybka and the former Broadway Area Housing Coalition nka Slavic Village Development headed then by current Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli.

    Needless to say, it did not take long for our organization to clash with the former Councilman’s housing group. Their primary objective was to build and rehabilitate housing without any real regard for the other issues affecting the residents and business owners. They too took the worst houses and put people {white and black} in them who had no ability {or desire} to pay. In fact, once they completed their first rehabilitation on any given street that house soon became a haven for various social malcontents. Once the “single apple spoiled the barrel” the remaining law-abiding residents moved thus adding further to the catastrophe.

    Now the Cleveland City Council wants to extend the boundaries of Ward 12 beyond the current boundaries of Ward 15 which {as luck would have it} would include my residence. Councilman Brian Cummins has been a fine representative for Ward 15 but as for Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli; he will do for Ward 15 {Old Brooklyn} was he has and will continue to do for Ward 12 {Slavic Village}.

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