Steel Heritage Bike Ride


On Saturday, I participated in a “cycle through Pittsburgh’s industrial heritage tour” run by the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area.


We met on the South Side at Station Square, where our knowledgeable guides gave us very detailed descriptions of the heavily industrialized landscape that used to occupy the ground we now stood on.

I won’t try to repeat the multitude of information they gave us, but I do want to give you a flavor of the great ride we took!

We cycled along the river…


to the South Side Works,


now a mixed use retail, office, and housing development – but once the home of a Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation works, employing 17,000 workers at its peak.

Here is a historical photo of the works to give you an idea of how massive it was:


Below is a view of the site now. Where you see the Hofbrau House used to be an open hearth furnace. It was interesting to listen to the other folks on my tour talk about their childhood/ young adult memories of this area.


We continued over the Hot Metal Bridge

to the Four Mile Run neighborhood, one of Pittsburgh’s more secluded and hidden neighborhoods, originally settled by Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants.

I’m leaving out a lot of great information and photos for space purposes – but there is another tour next month!

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