No Charges Filed in Hit-and-Run Death of 22-year-old Cyclist in Cleveland

22-year-old Sylvia Bingham was killed yesterday after she was run over by a truck while rising her bike to work from Ohio City in Cleveland.

The driver, who didn’t stop, was identified by witnesses and questioned by police but no charges have been filed.

Here’s a Plain Dealer article with all the details.

This woman was part of Americorps and working for an organization called Hard Hatted Women, where she helped women learn trades.

What a sad way for a promising life to end.

Is it really possible to run over and kill an adult riding on a bicycle without realizing it? If this woman were in a car or walking, would the situation be different? I don’t understand this. How could there not be any charges?



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8 responses to “No Charges Filed in Hit-and-Run Death of 22-year-old Cyclist in Cleveland

  1. Maureen

    This is very sad. But maybe they are still working on the charges?

  2. Rob

    Even once charges are filed, there is little reason to believe that the suspect will receive more than a slap on the wrist. Car culture is so dominant now that courts are overly sympathetic to the argument that without the ability to drive a car, a person’s life is basically ruined (not sure what that says about the blind or disabled…). Even the worst drunks get exceptions for “driving to work” or whatnot.

    Tom Vanderbilt mentioned in a post a few months ago that there was a fiction writer who wrote a story about a serial killer who uses a car to do all of his killing. It’s the perfect scheme because if the killer ever got caught he could please “accident” and get right off the hook. Sadly, it’s not always entirely fiction.

  3. Bruce Phinney

    Sylvia was a bright light when so many where in a dark place. She will still make a difference. We will help make the difference. I will miss her. I was her cross country and track coach at Terra Linda High School.

  4. Shaheen

    Group ride; 5:30 p.m., Public Square on Friday, Sept. 25 (That’s today).
    It’s part of Critical Mass, a nationwide monthly bikeride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road.
    If you can’t make it this time, it’s the last Friday of every month.

  5. tonyg

    rivals the incident last month in Toronto Ca, where a goverment attorney left the accident sence after dragging a cyclist several hundred feet into mail boxes, poles and other urban dendritous. The cyclist died; The guy aiming the 4000 lb weapon was caught because ATM and other videos recorded the incident.

  6. The truck driver was indicted yesterday for vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, and failure to stop after an accident.

    • schmange

      Nice catch, Kevin. Good job, CPD!
      What a sad, sad incident. I feel like I know Sylvia now. My sympathies to her family. I hope she is the last one ever in Cleveland.

  7. sherry

    i am sorry for the loss of this women

    but waht i wanted to say was obviously you do not read texas newspapers i am originally from the east coast and moved to san antonio tx satx oh you would be flabbergasted on how many people are kiled here and very and i mean very few charges filed a few yrs ago a women at a public elemantary school was speeding and the bus sign hand that comes down was down and flashing and still went thru it killing a childprobation we just had a husnband and wife killed bicycist no charges and it just goes on and on another child head injury car was speeding no charges and it is only going to get worse satx is going to try enact a new law that if driving while under alcholic in fluence charges wil be dropped from roughly a 1.000 to roughly 500.00 if found to be indigent

    1.satx is one of the poorest cities in the country
    2.a majority of people here are poverty level
    3.satx has been on the 10 list for high amount of duis and high alcholic probs

    and do not forget satx sis one step from being a sanctuary city for illegals so more accidents are expected and the ones who are kiled or injured can not expect justice so in regards to the lady who died i am not surprised to hear that charges are not being filed and unless we all stand up and slow down you too must not be shocked

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