Preserving Buffalo’s Past


Readers of Rust Wire (and citizens of the Rust Belt in general) may know that some of Buffalo’s strongest assets are its spectacular architectural treasures.

The city is wisely trying to capitalize on these structures for tourism and economic development purposes.

Take a look at this video from The Buffalo News about efforts to restore the Richardson- Olmsted complex (formerly the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane).

I’ve driven by this building before, I’m eager to see what the inside is like.

What asset or piece of unusual architecture do you think your city should -or already did – preserve?



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2 responses to “Preserving Buffalo’s Past

  1. Special K

    A related article about the city seeing an increase in “cultural tourism”:

  2. tonyg

    the linked video on the complex proposed restoration is well produced; hats off to the BEN ( Buffalo Evening News; I know it’s not called that any more, but that what it was called when I delivered it on Rodney Ave oh so many years ago.)

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