G-20 Summit, Pittsburgh the Day Before

The city of Pittsburgh can hardly wait for the G-20 summit to begin. Along with humidity, constant rain, and murky skies, the atmosphere is a mix of anticipation, dread, annoyance, and excitement.

In fear of the destruction that could occur between police and protesters, some businesses are boarding their windows and glass doors. Others have chosen to remain open. In the Strip District, a few shops, including restaurants and art galleries, have posted signs in the windows announcing, “Will be open for G-20.” Much of downtown, though, has chosen to board-up.

Boulevard of the Allies

Boulevard of the Allies

Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh

Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh

For the past few months, local officials, the media, and most anyone else with some kind of an audience locally, has been speaking out about what the G-20 means for Pittsburgh, and how it is a chance for our city to showcase itself to the world. It will be a chance to tell our story of success, they have said.

Yet when world leaders get here tomorrow, Pittsburgh will seem more like a ghost-town, or a police state, or some weird Walt Disney studio set, than a place anyone calls home.

The city has installed banners and ads over vacant store-fronts in an attempt to make the abandoned spaces seem more appealing and vibrant–like a band-aid. However, they seem to draw more attention to the amount of empty and unused spaces that downtown actually consists of (which is contrary to the narrative of a vibrant, reinvented Pittsburgh).

Banners and Boards

Banners and Boards

At the Carnegie Museum of Art, and Natural History, civic art—such as statues of Shakespeare and Galileo, a large replicated dinosaur, and other abstract sculptures–have been either covered in bags, or boxed in by wood. There is a real sense of fear that anarchists will destroy parts of Pittsburgh.

More stories and photos will be posted throughout the coming days.  Check back soon.

Sculpture will be boarded to protect from protestors

Sculpture will be boarded to protect from protestors

Riot Gear

Riot Gear

Post and Photos by Andrew Moore


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5 responses to “G-20 Summit, Pittsburgh the Day Before

  1. schmange

    This seems like paranoia to me. I don’t understand this protesting thing. What specifically are they protesting, capitalism? I’m not sure protesting is an effective strategy for overhauling our economic system, if that’s their goal.

  2. Special K

    It is such a shame that people won’t get to see how beautiful the city is with all those boards everywhere!

  3. Maggie H

    Awesome! What are they protesting? Social injustice? economic oppression? corporate slavery? unbelievable pollution? … There is a docu-drama “Battle in Seattle” about the WTO in the 90’s, you ought to be able to pull up trailers. Go see it!

  4. Loco Yimmy

    I am an extremely proud Pittsburgher. I love that city. I am sitting here in Montreal sending links to all my friends to tell them how great a city Pittsburgh is and what does the media show??? Tear gas!!!

    Take a really good look at Pittsburgh…the topography…the rivers..the history…the culture…the people…the transformation….

    If people want to change the world have forums and discussions…don’t light a dumpster on fire and yell ‘capitalism sucks’.

    Again look at that beautiful city I was born in and roamed around as a youth…it is beautiful!!!!!

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