G-20, Day 1: Downtown

The organizers of Pittsburgh’s annual Bike Fest might have been happy about conditions in downtown yesterday. The streets were closed to local traffic starting late Wednesday, and will remain blocked until the G-20 summit closes later this evening. The majority of the Golden Triangle is still open to pedestrians and bicycles though, and if you’re able to ignore mounted police, state troopers in riot gear, SWAT cars, and helicopters, the streets feel like an organized bicycle cyclovia.

The following photos were taken throughout the day yesterday in downtown Pittsburgh. For good coverage of the protester/police clashes in Lawrenceville and Oakland, visit the Post-Gazette.

Ethiopians gathered from around the U.S. for the summit

Ethiopians gathered from around the U.S. for the summit

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh



Rally for a free Tibet

Rally for a free Tibet



More photos and stories tomorrow, when its all over.

By Andrew Moore

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One response to “G-20, Day 1: Downtown

  1. schmange

    Wow. Good photos.

    I have been thinking that the G-20 is the best thing Obama’s ever done for our region because it got people talking about Rust Belt issues and how cool Pittsburgh is. Look at all the good press Pittsburgh got from this.

    We had about 20 articles in our Google alerts box the day of the summit and 9 out of 10 were singing Pittsburgh’s praises and most of them were East Coast.

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