Pop-Up City and Cleveland’s Bridge Project

The idea for Pop Up City is to re-utilize underused urban spaces, a theme that carried over this weekend in The Bridge Project, a party and art show, held under the Detroit-Superior bridge in downtown Cleveland.


The streetcar level under the bridge has been featured in this blog before. Cleveland’s rapid transit rail service ran under the bridge long ago.  The space has been referred to, perhaps incorrectly, as Cleveland’s abandoned subway.

Well, folks from across the Cleveland area attended The Bridge Project last weekend, and I have pictures thanks to my good friend Mandy Anderson.



Also, the art …


Pop Up City is the brainchild of Kent State University planning professor Terry Schwarz. The concept has played a central role in Cleveland’s Ingenuity Fest, a three-day celebration of art and technology held downtown.7819_508559326689_81800118_30326678_5623397_n

During this weekend in Cleveland, abandoned buildings are transformed into art galleries and dance clubs.



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6 responses to “Pop-Up City and Cleveland’s Bridge Project

  1. HHF

    The people who planned Ingenuity Fest also planned Bridge Project, fyi.

  2. schmange

    I thought Ingenuity Festival rocked. I’m sad I missed this Bridge Project.

  3. Kudos to Jamest Levin for another ingenious arts event and to Terry Schwarz for bringing these pop-up events to Cleveland. Congrats and thank you to all the artists and others who made this happen!

  4. Special K

    This looks like a fun party! How do I bring this to Pittsburgh?

  5. Seth

    I would recommend contacting Terry Schwarz (tschwarz@kent.edu) at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, who originated the Pop Up City concept. She probably has good ideas about replicating the overall idea within the context of Pittsburgh’s landscape. You might also check out the Regional Learning Partnership (http://www.regionallearningnetwork.org/). They give out small grants (up to $500) to community development professionals in Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Cleveland for learning exchanges between the three communities and set up educational events for individuals in these cities. Some really exciting collaboration going on. Perhaps you could apply for a grant to bring a group of Pittsburghers to Cleveland to observe one of the Pop Up events and strategize about replication?

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