Art Youngstown: Wrap the Arts

Folks in Youngstown have developed a pretty straightforward strategy for dealing with blight: cover it up with some pretty artwork.


Art Youngstown last weekend unveiled its Wrap the Arts project, in which a desolate parking lot and chain link fence served to display works from some of the region’s talented artists, residents and community organizations.

Forty large, weather-resistant paintings were wrapped around the lot, on the corner of Wick Avenue and Broadway Avenue on city’s North Side.


The public is invited to view the installation of the project on October 24 between noon and 5 p.m.

Funding for the project was provided by the Wean Foundation.

Thanks to Youngstown Attorney Deb Weaver for sharing the photos and info!



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3 responses to “Art Youngstown: Wrap the Arts

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  2. Special K

    I like it! I saw a similar idea in vacant buildings in downtown Toledo– it makes vacant storefronts look less desolate with art in them.

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