Fetterman Named to Atlantic’s “Brave Thinkers” List

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman has been named to The Atlantic’s list of “Brave Thinkers.”

Fetterman and his efforts to revitalize Braddock, attract artists and businesses, and advocate for forgotten places like Braddock, have gained national media attention.

Sadly, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center announced last week it will close UPMC Braddock, the community’s hospital. It’s another blow to a community that has suffered greatly, just as there were some positive things happening.

Thanks to Rust Wire reader Alex Parker for bringing the Atlantic cover story to our attention.


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One response to “Fetterman Named to Atlantic’s “Brave Thinkers” List

  1. at

    I wish Fetterman would use his money and clout more wisely. Maybe a “thinker”, not a “doer”. The 5+ million dollars UPMC wants to put up simply for demolishing the hospital could be used to dismantle the place, bank all the great building materials on vacant lot, and completely rebuild Braddock so that it produces all its own food, power, and numerous new goods manufacturers. It’s hard to convey what a money pit Braddock continues to be. They apparently don’t want to change. I know of no other square mile on earth that can vaporize $20 million so thoughtlessly.

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