Gordon Matta-Clark: Engagement Through Art

How do you view your city?  How do you want others to view it?

A new interactive arts program in St. Louis poses those questions, and calls on citizens to create the portrait through media and personal expression.

Later this month, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts will launch Urban Alchemy/Gordon Matta-Clark, named for and continuing the legacy of a local urban activist who inspired community engagement through art.

Matta-Clark original

Matta-Clark original

Matta-Clark is best known for his “building cuts,” a series of works in abandoned buildings in which he variously removed sections of floors, ceilings, and walls.

Pulitzer’s multi-faceted program includes exhibitions by Matta-Clark and other local artists, a panel series, and a creative repository of denizens’ impressions and reflections of the city.

More Matta-Clark

More Matta-Clark

As St. Louis and other weathered cities continue the daunting endeavor of enhancing community and cohesion, projects such as Urban Alchemy aim to connect citizens with their urban environment by highlighting the relevance of place and its influence on self-discovery.

For more information, visit: http://mattaclark.pulitzerarts.org/transformation/.

This post was contributed by Jeff Vines.

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