City Steps in South Oakland

RustWire recently reported on Step Trek, the annual hike of Pittsburgh’s city steps. The popular narrative surrounding these steps tells that the outdoor staircases were built in the pre-automobile era, and were the main route for walking to and from work. The emphasis is usually placed on the bygone era aspect.

I went exploring a set of city steps in the area of South Oakland on Sunday, and found ample evidence that these steps are very much in use today. And, as Kate mentioned in her post, these steps are indeed actually city streets. Below is the intersection of Romeo and Frazier Streets.

city steps are actual city streets

The steps pictured below have been repaired by a wooden stair insert, filling in where the original concrete had broken off. This seems like the kind of fix made out of necessity, not for historic preservation.

wood fix

A house at the top of Romeo “Street” has one of the most spectacular views of Pittsburgh I have yet to encounter. Two young men sitting on the porch there told me that the forested hill here has sculptures throughout it, placed by local university students. But more impressive, they said, was a shrine above Frazier Street, overlooking the highway below. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the shrine. Maybe next time.

Oakland City Steps

Oakland City Steps 02

-Andrew Moore


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3 responses to “City Steps in South Oakland

  1. Special K

    Great photos and an interesting post. Please keep exploring Pittsburgh and reporting back!

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