“I Will Stay If …” Cleveland Edition

Great Lakes Urban Exchange is bringing its “I Will Stay If” campaign to Cleveland tomorrow.

A Detroiter sounds off.

A Detroiter sounds off.

If you’re in the Cleveland metro area, stop by Speakeasy Bar, 1948 West 25th Street, between 5:30 and 8 p.m. Hear from speakers Lillian Kuri, Randell McShepard, and Matt Zone. Connect with like-minded urban advocates.

Also, tell local leaders what you want from your city.

Here’s mine: “I will stay in Cleveland if the city finally coordinates its traffic signals and takes down the 300 that are completely unnecessary.”



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3 responses to ““I Will Stay If …” Cleveland Edition

  1. Rob

    I can’t attend, but mine would say: I will stay in Cleveland if other people my age stay in Cleveland. Although it’s not something directly in the control of local leaders, like the traffic signals, it’s pretty much the truth.

  2. I was just looking at the picture from Detroit. Weird how she’s standing in the middle of downtown and there’s not a car or a person in the frame.

  3. Sarah Hartley

    I almost expect to see tumbleweeds in the background.

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