Population Loss in Michigan

Michigan led the nation in one-year population loss, dropping below 10 million residents for the first time in nearly a decade, according to this article from The Toledo Blade.

Michigan lost nearly 33,000 residents this year as its economy suffered in a recession that was particularly brutal for the US auto industry.

Still, over the past decade, Michigan has gained a total of about 31,000 residents, owing mostly to births and foreign immigration.


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One response to “Population Loss in Michigan

  1. tonyg

    this is going to be the story thoughout the Great Lake Region now and for some time to come. Thre’s several other important demographics twists to pay attention to as well. Firstly the greying of the population as a whole, boomers aging with fewer kids, etc. This places burdens on those younger to paid for us old guys, provide services, health care, etc. This is likely also to show up first in rural areas/ small towns of our great lakes region. The tax base will be damaged and who’s going to pay for those sevices?

    Some of this de-population at least regionally is a direct function of globalization. Devaluation of the factories througout our region empties our small towns first, then our cities. Goverments are going to have to come to terms with these facts in very short order.

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