Detroit Schools to Train Students for Wal-Mart

Good Magazine is reporting that four Detroit High Schools will begin training students to work at Wal-Mart.

Students will receive 10 credits for 11 weeks of job readiness preparation with the retail giant.

Advocates say it’s a good opportunity for students, given the city’s staggering unemployment rate.

Advocates for the poor say the students are being trained for dead-end jobs and lives of subserviance.




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2 responses to “Detroit Schools to Train Students for Wal-Mart

  1. tonyg

    to be young and allow your educational institution to aid the tracking of your sorry ass into Walmart. I was “tracked” in jr high. They told my parents, “he’s not college material” and “just make sure he finishes high school!” What can I say…

  2. This really raises an interesting issue. (Putting aside Detroit for a moment, which is an extreme case.) Jim Russell has pointed out many times that in rural areas and depressed cities with little job base, educated kids leave.

    This has actually gotten people in rural areas of Indiana, and West Virginia to question investments in higher ed and even good schools.

    (Ultimately you have to try to do what’s right with the kids–even if that means preparing them to leave–if only for a while)

    It would be interesting to know how much money flows into Detroit as “remittances”, from relatives who have left for better jobs.

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