The Fund-Ohio-Transit-Now Campaign

The Ohio Public Transit Association is asking supporters to demand more state support for public transportation from their legislators.

The organization has launched with links to legislators home pages’ and contact information. Just fill in your name and address, and the site will send a letter to all your elected representatives.


From their letter: “While the typical state provides 23% of the funding needed for their transit systems, Ohio provides less than 3%.”

Every major city in Ohio has been affected by budget cuts over the last few years. This is an important effort for our cities. I would encourage readers to take part.



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2 responses to “The Fund-Ohio-Transit-Now Campaign

  1. Rob

    Great. Would have been even more great 2 years ago. I fear that if/when the statehouse decides to step up to the plate, the damage will have already been done. Come April RTA, is going to end most off their Cleveland Heights to downtown service in favor of dumping riders at the University Circle Rapid. In how many other cities can you live 5 miles from downtown and not be able to get there on a single ride? I already know I will be riding my bike downtown a lot more this spring. There’s no doubt it will be both faster and more convenient.

  2. Antoinette

    I would like to say that as a riders in Lakewood I understand that the 50 is coming back is that true? if so when and how far is it going? and will we have a bus on 117th cliffton on the weekens again?
    this inportant to me becase winter will be here before you know it . thanks thats my comment.

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